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Metrolina MTP Projects
Regional Online Mapping

CRTPO’s new on-line mapping platform allows visitors to view many data layers simultaneously and “toggle” layers on or off, as desired.  Additionally, the on-line platform provides a venue to view data across much of the Metrolina Region, including the Gaston-Cleveland-Lincoln and Cabarrus-Rowan MPOs. Please click the image above to access our on-line mapping.

Transportation Plans Compilation Map
Transportation Plans Compilation Map

The above online map is a compilation of CRTPO’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP), Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), State Prioritization Projects (SPOT), and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) mapping layers.

Bicycle Suitability Map

Bicycle Suitability Map

CRTPO Thoroughfare Plan
CRTPO Thoroughfare Plan
Cities & Towns in CRTPO
CRTPO Planning Area
CRTPO Urbanized Areas

CRTPO Urbanized Area

Non-Attainment Map

Metrolina Air Quality
Maintenance Area

Greater Charlotte MPOs / RPOs
Metrolina Region MPOs & RPOs

State of NC MPOs
NC MPOs, RPOs & NCDOT Divisions