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State Transportation Planning

CRTPO works with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) during the transportation planning process.  NCDOT is responsible for all state owned roads, including the design, right of way acquisition and construction.  In 2009, Executive Order No. 2 was issued, calling for Transportation Reform.  It started with the creation of the Strategic Planning Office of Transportation, charged with the task of transforming the way NCDOT does business.  Several changes to the state’s development of the Transportation Improvement Program have since been implemented, in an attempt to create a more transparent and data driven process.  The links on this page provide more information regarding NCDOT, transportation reform, as well as other statewide transportation planning information.

In addition to CRTPO, there are 18 other MPOs throughout the state of North Carolina.  The MPOs are all part of the North Carolina Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (NCAMPO).  NCAMPO meets several times a year to discuss statewide transportation policy, and a NCAMPO conference is held annually, and also includes the Rural Planning Organizations from around the state as well as NCDOT and other interested parties. 



State of NC MPOs / RPOs

State of NC MPOs