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Metropolitan Transportation Plan

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The CRTPO is responsible for maintaining a Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for its entire planning area, which outlines its goals and objectives, as well as addresses transportation related issues and impacts a 20-year minimum horizon. The MTP is federally-mandated and complies with the Statewide and Metropolitan Transportation Planning regulations issued by the US Department of Transportation.

The MTP is updated every four years, allowing CRTPO the opportunity to incorporate the most recent data, identify any changes in factors affecting travel demand, and modify policies, programs, and projects based on current conditions. This is an ongoing process, but the MTP update provides a platform for sharing updated information and ensures compliance with federal regulations in order to continue receiving federal funds to address the needs of the region.

Conformity is also required by federal regulations to ensure that federal funding and approval are given to highway and transit projects that are consistent with (“conform to”) established air quality goals. (More information can be found in the Air Quality Conformity Determination Report, below.)

The CRTPO is currently working on the update to the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan. Work began on the 2050 MTP in the summer of 2020, and adoption of the plan is anticipated for March 2022. Please visit the project website www.2050mtp.org for detailed project information, schedule, and how to get involved.

The CRTPO adopted the 2045 MTP and made an air quality conformity determination on the MTP on March 18, 2018. The 2045 MTP is the current plan for the CRTPO until the 2050 MTP is adopted in 2022.

2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

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