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Comprehensive Transportation Plan Work Group

Introduction and Mission

Over the last four years, the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) has had multiple working groups to address issues in the Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP).

The last working group was involved with creating a whitepaper from 2018 to mid-2019. The Centralina Council of Governments (CCOG) conducted the study and developed a Whitepaper to understand and document how member jurisdictions within CRTPO are preserving and protecting corridors and rights-of-way (ROW) for the future transportation projects. View the final report here: "Have the Rules Changed? A White Paper on Implementing the CTP and Corridor Preservation."

Eleven (11) recommendations were developed as a result of this study, and are highlighted in the whitepaper. One of the main goals for this new CTP working group is to further evaluate and make final recommendations to the CRTPO Technical Committee and Board on potential ways to address the issues and challenges for ROW preservation.

The second goal of this working group is to review the existing CTP amendment guidelines and help to rewrite or update the processes, gaps and missing sections (such as guidelines for transit and rail).

The anticipated duration for this working group to meet is 18 months. The kick-off meeting will be held in October 2019.

Scope of Work

Task 1 – Amendment Guidelines for Roadway projects

Task 2 – Amendment Guidelines for other modes

Task 3 – Identify top recommendations from whitepaper

Task 4 – Research and Analysis of Alternatives

Task 5 – Consolidating Alternatives


Name Agency Email

Andrew Grzymski



Brian Nadolny



Dana Stoogenke **

Town of Matthews


Erika Martin

Town of Mooresville


Julio Paredes ***

GCLMPO, City of Gastonia


Lisa Thompson

Town of Weddington


Richard Hoffman

Iredell County


Stuart Basham



Todd Huntsinger

Town of Indian Trail


Tracy Newsome



** Chair

*** Special guest