Charlotte Region

UPDATE: The construction project for the final leg of the I-485 (R-2248 E & EA) loop was bid on May 21, 2010.  Blythe Construction, Inc was awarded the contract for the remaining 5.1 miles of the freeway, from NC 115 to I-85.  More information can be found by clicking on the following link:

NCDOT I-485 News Release 

Currently, two projects remain to complete the outer loop of I-485:

  • Construct an eight-lane freeway from NC 115 to west of I-85; and
  • Reconstruct the current I-85/I-485 interchange and provide the connection between I-485, I-85 and the new eight-lane section of I-485 not yet constructed.


Charlotte Outer Loop Visualization

The following video has been supplied by NCDOT and is a simulation of the proposed new section of
I-485 (Charlotte Outer Loop) and the I-85/I-485 interchange:


These projects are at different stages of the preconstruction process.  The following link contains more information about the description, news and updates, overview and highlights of these projects:

The following link is a project map of the eight-lane freeway to be constructed from NC 115 to I-85:

The following link is a project map of the modification of the I-85/I-485 interchange:


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I-485 Charlotte Outer Loop (NDCOT Website)