Unified Planning Work Program

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is adopted annually in accordance with joint Federal Highway Administration/Federal Transit Administration (FHWA/FTA) transportation planning guidelines. The UPWP describes the planning activities that are anticipated for the coming fiscal year and documents the allocation of state and federal funds associated with each planning activity.

The FY 2015 UPWP was approved by the MPO on May 21, 2014.

Local Projects:
The following locally-administered transportation planning projects have been funded during FY 2015.

Project Name


Funding Amount

Independence Boulevard Greenway Crossing



AC&W Railroad Relocation Assessment



W. Catawba/Torrence Chapel Road intersection



Traffic Counts



NW Huntersville Transportation Study-Phase 2



Traffic Counts

Indian Trail


Indian Trail Road Corridor Study

Indian Trail


Downtown Streetscape Improvement Plan
Land Use/Transportation Plan



Transportation Plan



Traffic Counts



US 21/NC 115 Corridor Study



Traffic Count Information & Data Gathering




UPWP Review Subcommittee
The Technical Coordinating Committee has established a standing committee to help guide the development of CRTPO’s Unified Planning Work Program. The UPWP Review Subcommittee will
a. review funding allocations for each task as recommended by staff
b. decide on process or content changes from previous years’ UPWP
c. review and conduct an evaluation of local project applications

Agency Representatives
Transit David McDonald
Charlotte Department of Transportation Andy Grzymski
Charlotte Department of Transportation Jayne Peterson
Travel Demand Model Anna Gallup
NCDOT-Transportation Planning Branch Anil Panicker
NCDOT-Public Transportation Division James Lim
NCDOT-Division Representative David Keilson
Federal Highway Administration Loretta Barren
Town Representative Fern Shubert
Town Representative Andrew Ventresca
County Representative Joe Lesch
Lake Norman Transportation Commission Bill Thunberg
Mecklenburg County LUESA Meghan Green


FY 2014 Unified Planning Work Program

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