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CRTPO Discretionary Projects

The Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) receives direct attributable funds to be allocated to member jurisdiction projects on a competitive basis.

2020 Spring Call for Shortfall Projects

CRTPO will open the Spring Shortfall call for existing discretionary projects from March 27 until May 1, 2020 in which all available discretionary federal and state funding sources can be considered for programming. A shortfall application may be submitted for an existing project with prior CRTPO discretionary funds that has experienced an increase in the project cost estimate, resulting in the need for additional discretionary funds to successfully deliver the project.
The schedule is as follows:
  • March 27: Open call for Shortfall on existing projects
  • May 1: Shortfall applications due 
  • May 14: Project Oversight Committee (POC) review applications 
  • May 28: POC finalize funding recommendations
  • June 4: Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) approves POC’s recommendations
  • June 17: CRTPO Board approves shortfall funding
Application Materials:

Please contact Jennifer Stafford if you have any questions:
      Email: jennifer.stafford@charlottenc.gov
      Phone: 704-336-3369

CRTPO Board Approves Discretionary Funds for Area Transportation Projects from the 2019 Fall Call for Projects

  • CRTPO opened a 60-day call for projects from August 19 until October 31, 2019 in which all available discretionary federal and state funding sources were considered for programming.

  • There was a total of $55 million in discretionary funds available for allocation in fiscal years 2021-2024 of the CRTPO’s TIP.

  • A total of 42 roadway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian, and local planning project submittals were received totaling over $110 million in requested discretionary funds. A map of the submitted projects can be viewed here.

  • The Project Oversight Committee (POC) reviewed the project submittals and developed a recommended project list to be approved for discretionary funding.

  • The CRTPO Board approved $55.4 million in discretionary project funds supporting 28 projects across 17 CRTPO jurisdictions at its February 19, 2020 meeting.

  • A complete list of discretionary projects approved for funding can be found in the news release here.

On February 19, 2020, the CRTPO Board approved the following discretionary project funds by mode:

Transportation Mode

CRTPO Discretionary Project Status

Number of Projects Funded

Total Discretionary Amount


New Projects


$19.4 million

Existing Discretionary


$16.0 million

Bicycle & Pedestrian

New Projects


$3.7 million

Existing Discretionary


$6.0 million


New Project


$9.4 million

Local Planning Projects

New Projects



Total Discretionary Projects


$55.4 million


Discretionary Projects Policy Document:

At its February 13, 2019 meeting, the CRTPO Board adopted the MPO’s first Discretionary Projects Policy Document.

The document was produced by a six-member working group and CRTPO staff through a four-month research and development process guided by a facilitator. The working group’s tasks included documenting CRTPO’s existing processes and identifying best practices through interviews with stakeholders and with other MPOs. In addition, the group solicited feedback and sought support for the policy document by: holding a focus group prior to the October 17 CRTPO Board meeting; holding a joint workshop of the CRTPO Board and TCC on December 18; and providing informational presentations to the TCC and Board at their January 2019 meetings.

Local Discretionary-Funds Project Managers Workshop

On June 24, 2019 CRTPO hosted a workshop for the Local Discretionary-Funds Project Managers to:

  • Conduct a review of the current Bonus Allocation, CMAQ, and TAP-DA project schedules to identify any issues with achieving authorization of funds prior to the rescission deadlines (September 30, 2019 for CMAQ & TAP-DA and June 30, 2020 for Bonus Allocation); and
  • Receive information from NCDOT staff regarding the requirements and the project-specific milestones involved in successfully delivering projects awarded discretionary funds.

Below is the recorded video of the workshop and related presentations.

NCDOT FAST Act Rescission NCDOT Agreements & Authorizations CRTPO Discretionary Funding
Presentation (June 24, 2019) Presentation (June 24, 2019) Presentation (June 24, 2019)


Project Oversight Committee

The Project Oversight Committee assists in the prioritization and project tracking efforts for the following direct attributable funding sources that have been appropriated to projects throughout the CRTPO planning area:

Funding Name


Bonus Allocation



Congestion Mitigation Air Quality



Surface Transportation Block Grant – Direct Attributable



Transportation Alternatives Program